14 December, 2006

Akhbar Alkhaleej shows ignorance

Our dear news paper "Akhbar Alkhaleej" shows its ignorance when posting the picture of Devil Jin Kazama of Namco's successful fighting game "Tekken", as an illustration to a story about some crime forcasting program. What on earth do the two have in common? I'm sure that the person who used this mage doesn't know what this image is, and this is my point. Ignorance!
You know what? I may be picky but I'm tiered of people who cannot differentiate between a Koala bear, a Polar bear & a Panda. I'm tiered of people who will run a story on an elderly home and attache a picture of the YMCA. I'm tiered of people who refer to AAAALLLL foreign language music as "rock music موسيقى الروك". Things that are supposedly common knowledge should'nt go through this!
From now on, I shall point out stupidity and ignorance. I accept your contributions with pleasure.

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