11 December, 2006

Ruqaya Alghasra wins Gold in 200m women Asian games Doha 2006

Ruqaya Alghasra
won today the gold medal for running women's 200m event in the Doha 2006 Asian games.
She was the slowest out of the blocks, but she gains alot of speed in a scary way. She finished the 200m in 23.19 seconds. She also won Bronze for 100m.
What makes this woman so special, is that she runs fully clothed, adhering to her Islamic belief.
She has very strong mindset, to go against everyone just because you believe in what you do needs it. So what if the wind will tug at her clothes and slow her down? She'll just run faster! And that she does!
She is impressive when she runs, I am proud to stand next to her and say I am a Muslim and a Bahraini.

Ruqaya, you are tough. Kudos to you and congratulations! You make all of Bahrain proud.

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