11 December, 2006

You are attacked by "Blue Dragon"

Just as I expected.
Mistwalker (the game developer started by RPG Master Hironobu Sakaguchi) have released "Blue Dragon" on the Xbox 360, and its causing a riot.
Microsoft needed a strong RPG in order to get into the Japanese Market, without that market, the Xbox will lack the 3rd Party support of Japanese developers which will repeat the first Xbox scenario.

So Microsoft made an agreement with Mistwalker, and released Blue Dragon.
Do you know who is the team behind it?

  1. Hironobu Sakaguchi: God father of the Final Fantasy Series.
  2. Akira Toriyama: Character Designer for Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Quest series.
  3. Noubu Umatsu: Is the music composer who worked on all Final Fantasy titles.

So you see ladies and Gentle gamers, Mistwalker is the new Square.

Apparently, Microsoft's plan... worked, as famitsu Magazine reports:

"over 180 people were lined up in front of the Yodobashi
Camera store in Akihabara, Japan, waiting to purchase Mistwalker's Xbox 360 RPG
Blue Dragon. 40 TV stations and newspaper reporters were present before the game
went on sale at 9AM. Microsoft has shipped 200,000 copies of the game."

So, I see the Japanese are eating it up. Famitsu also gave this game a 37/40 score (four reviewers scoring out of ten: 9/9/9/10), and if you know Famitsu magazine, they have a very hard quality standard.

I predicted that the X360 will not succeed unless they succeed with Mistwalker in a previous post. and it looks like my predictions will come true.

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