17 May, 2007

I Installed Ubuntu 7.04

I just installed Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop

My PC will not handle Vista, I tried. It takes minutes to get "my documents" to open.

But this?

It simply rocks!

My PC is lighter and faster (boot up, opening files, starting programs). It even performs better than XP which I was using!
The new desktop effects are amazing, think vista's aero style. Just look at this:

Open office is lighter than MS office, produces smaller files than the latter and can read / write ms office files.

Installing programs is easier now. You have synoptic which is like add / remove programmes. Tick on the ones you want and it will install (a list of all Linux programmes are downloadable and refreshed every time)

Wine will enable you to run win exe's (including games)

you will mostly need no drivers as Ubuntu will take care of it, in the off chance, use ndiswrapper to use the windows driver.

It even migrated my windows account (I have a dual boot) and I don't feel like I'm missing anything at all!

I am really impressed with this release. I strongly suggest that you download the cd, it has a live cd session, just boot from cd and you have a full working Ubuntu (great as a rescue CD BTW) and if you like it you can click the (install) button.

Seriously, try it out and tell me what you think.


Diva said...

That's so cool!! Thanks man!
I'll do the same


Yo! I wasn't signed in when i commented earlier...anyway say hi to May for me will you : )

Manaf Almuhandis said...

Hi <3
I'll pass on your regards to her just as soon as I know who you are. :) Good luck with the Ubuntu Install, hope it goes easy.

BuZain said...

I'm glad that more of us are moving to ubuntu. I've been on it for sometime now and I can barely stand XP and vista.

I'm however becoming OS independent. My email, calendar, docs, notes, you-name-it are all online on google and other websites so I basically can work on any of my boots if not on any other system.

I recently started using the portable version of firefox installed on my flash disk so I have my beloved browser and its addons with me all the time; and I can execute it without any installations. Give it a try you'll love it. Thanks for your blog posts. Keep the good stuff coming

DIVA said...

It's Palace Enterprises lady ;)

Manaf Almuhandis said...

You seem to be very customized. That is pretty impressive.
I am still on Ubuntu, living fine so far. I actually infected three of my friends, and one guy in a forum to test it out, I got pretty good feed back. I shoulda've been a sales man.
And Diva, Hi! I will give her your regards and welcome here.

Anonymous said...

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Manaf Almuhandis said...

Hey Anon
I will join your first meeting today Inshallah
Thanks for the heads up

skateare@hotmail.com said...

hello. i have tried ubuntu 7.10 gutsy before and i tried to setup so that i could use my wireless network with ndiswrapper. However it didnt work. I was wondering if you could tell me how i should setup a wireless program so that i could use my wireless network. my email is skateare@hotmail.com. Thank u.

Redbelt said...

sorry skateare. I'm not too tech savvy nor have the time for support questions. I would direct you however to the Ubuntu forums. They do a great job there and are very helpful.