17 May, 2007

The reason why Bin laden is in the US, and the US is in Iraq

Watch the video first. It's a republican debate between Ron Paul & Rudy Guiliani. If you did then: Paul is absolutely correct. Guiliani is an idiot, in fact, rallying masses behind an "ideal" thought is what Bin laden does.
I mean, who the hell would hate anyone because they're free? Seriously? The biggest gripe about the US I hear all the time comes basically to "Why are they doing this to us?" and "Why don't they mind their own business?"
Did Americans really think they were liberating Iraq? Why not Liberate Nigeria from its leaders, huh? Do they care about Iraqi citizens? Where were the US when it approved of sanctions that killed millions?
They raised hell when an Emarati company (a "company" for goodness sakes, not army) managed one of Their ports. How would they feel if the French or Russian came to them and opened military bases on their soil?
For the record, I do not approve of Bin laden, he takes the Holy Quran out of context in a horrible way, hijacking and defacing my religion. But seriously, He wouldn't go all the way across the Atlantic if it wasn't for US's interferences.
You want proof?
All the American Soldier boys came all the way to Afghanistan & Iraq because they think It's in retaliation to the 9/11. Same thing, Bin laden and others think 9/11 is in retaliation for something else.
The problem really isn't in politics, but in stupid sheep-like people, that are herded to an absurd idea!
The US says they hate us for our freedom, and everyone goes, oh yeah, your right, lets get them!
Did they THINK we would prefer.. I dunno, OPPRESSION for example?
Bin laden says the Quran says we have to fight, so idiots go "yeah yeah lets go". For goodness sake, just read the rest of the Quran will you? The Quran is a whole book! You have to fight temptation, you have to fight daily to provide for your family, physically you have to defend your self if and only when you are attacked. But do people take 3 seconds to go "What a minute.."? no.

So, I'm glad people are starting to question things. I know that a lie, if repeated enough can be the truth. But it's a lie non the less, dig deep enough and you'll hit the truth.

PS: Being a Bahraini in the middle east, I have nothing to do with the elections and I do not support Paul or any other candidate. Just for the record.

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