07 May, 2007

Spiderman 3 games SUCK!

As anticipated, the Spiderman 3 games suck.

Gamespot scored the Spiderman 3 game for the PS3 a 6 (fair). The X360 got the same score.
It is also released on Wii, PC, GBA, NDS & PSP (God! did they leave any gamer untargeted?), still unrated but I wouldn't hold my breath.
In fact, look at this image on the right. That's not an SNES with an FX chip nor an N64 even. This is the Spiderman 3 game for the Wii.
Sucks huh? It almost surprises you just how much it does suck. Its inexcusable. People are furious.

Reasons in my opinion are:

1- Quantity over quality attitude (lets release games to every system there is!)
and the other greed driven reason
2- Franchise a hot name now and they'll buy it.

They might as well package Spider poo and slap a Spiderman 3 logo on it. It will still sell.
Angry Videogame Nerd seems to share my view point.

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