21 May, 2007

patcondell is Racist (in my opinion)

This is a reply to patcondell's question on you tube whether he is racist or not. Being a person that explains allot, you tube comments aren't enough for me, so here it is:
Opposing views are fine, but the video turned weird towards the end. Looking at your other videos I can safely say: Yes. You ARE racist.
The practices of some individuals is far from the teachings. When Families in Jordan kill off their girl for bringing "dishonor", that's their society. Not Islam. I dare you to prove otherwise.
Saying that the Quran promotes war not peace clearly shows that you haven't read it. Don't bring up phrases out of context. A bad film review can have the phrase "unique", but that proves nothing without the rest of the text.
People take things out of context all the time to achive certain goals. Bin Laden is very good at it. So is Bush.

To sum up:
  1. Women dress in black (like, what did you say? a Giant Pepper pot was it?) out of their own accord (outside of Saudi of course). You see it as a form of oppression, they see it as a form of dignity. Tell me why should they be ashamed of them selves? Why isn't it you who should be ashamed for having a limited view on things? So their dress means something different from what you think. Why do you have to force your idea on the subject?
  2. The thought of Islam promoting war or was spread by the sword is really old. It's been discussed so many times before. Please catch up.
I think you have the wrong idea about Islam. If you wish to verify how true my words are, please, lets discuss here.
However, do not attempt to force your ideas here UNTIL you understand what it is you are criticizing. Only then your ideas, even if different, will be accepted.
What do you say?
What do readers think?


whypatcondellisntfunny said...

Great Post. See my reply to Pat Condell here : http://whypatcondellisntfunny.blogspot.com/

Redbelt said...

wow. Your effort far surpassed mine. Way to go.

whypatcondellisntfunny said...

Thanks. And I've only managed to watch that video all the way through. Wait 'till I get started on the rest!

DrMaxtor said...

Militant atheism is the opium of Euro-nihilists. Pat is indeed an aging racist upset at the "browning" of society. I might blog about this fool in my spare time.

Redbelt said...

I don't mind anyone being an atheist or anything. And by all means, discuss religion to your hearts content, so long as the objective isn't to insult and belittle others. Pat is wanting to be hated. Perhaps it feeds some sense of self worth to him.

whypatcondellisntfunny said...

Agree with you redbelt. Condell is definitely looking for YouTube stardom, and I wouldn't mind if what he said about Islam was true, or funny, or both. But it isn't. He says he is a comic but he isn't funny, so I have to believe that he is speaking from the heart. But what he says is ill researched.

Anonymous said...

1. Hijab is ENFORCED in nations like Iran. Even in western Women don't "choose" the hijab anywhere, as even in the west it is usually forced on them by male relatives.

2. Muhammed LED AN ARMY. Why did a prophet of God NEED SOLDIERS?

Redbelt said...

Dear Anon,
Welcome, if you are actually asking real questions. Shoo if you're hating. Anyways:
1- false. That is what you think, not know. Sorry.

2) If Islam can spread this way:
Why would there be a need for an Army? Seems like you didn't read the prophets autobiography.
Google is there for all, use it.

Mikey said...

What race is Islam? I thought one of the great things about Islam was that it welcomed all races to join. So if Islam is made up of many races, how can criticising Islam be racist?

Anonymous said...

This isn't a matter of opinion. Islam is not a race. Now unless you can point to Condell saying something bad about brown people directly, you're a liar.

Not that I expect much better - seeing Islam as anything other than yet another attempt by humanity to abdicate its responsibilities as a sentient life-form requires dishonesty.

You want racism? I'll give you racism. Islam/Atheism/Christianity/whateverism isn't the problem. Humanity is. Islam is pretty awful, but only because human beings are pretty awful.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an atheist, I find Pat Condel both offence and extremely tedious. How he's not been prosecuted under the trades description act for false advertising when he claims he's a comedian I will never now. A travesty of justice if you ask me.

Redbelt said...

Oooh. I have some caching up to do:
Dear Mikey:
Well said. I simply used the same word condell used. It isn't racism, it's discrimination. Thank you.

Anon who posted on 16/08/09:
I LOL'd! You are a much funnier man than him, hands down!

lamby284 said...

As with all my comments, I do not speak for Pat Condell:
Normal people have a problem with radical, extremist muslims who are pushing their culture where it doesnt belong. Its only natural. And correct me if im wrong, but muslims are certainly NOT their own race or culture, even though they think they are. And we should treat them like any other religious group.

To my knowledge, Pat -along with the majority of people in Europe and the US with a brain- know that women who openly wearing burqas are threatening the European culture and its governments. The burqa is forced on women by the Saudi Arabian government. Seeing it in Europe makes this garment seem like an invasion of a society whose "morals" and "values" are totally wrong and insulting to anyone who isnt a straight muslim male (as Pat has said). It is simply too much of a statement. Modesty? I dont think so. Even if muslim women WANT to wear burqas, nobody else in Europe is willing to tolerate it because of where it comes from. And that's not racist at all.

Anonymous said...

Please, address the issue of racism, if you accuse him of being racist.

'When Families in Jordan kill off their girl for bringing "dishonor", that's their society. Not Islam. I dare you to prove otherwise.'

Even if it were just their society, what has this to do with race? You are just muddying the waters.

Apart from which, as we all know, this doesn't just happen in Jordan. If you don't want Islam to be associated with such despicable behavior, why don't you spend your energy criticizing such behavior in the name of Islam rather than calling people 'racist' for making that association. Once people stop doing it in the name of their religion, there will be no more association.

As for 'out of context' - well, how about abrogation, which states that the violent verses of the Koran have priority of the peaceful ones?

By equating race with religion you are muddying the waters and playing directly into the hands of actual racists. This is excellently discussed here:


Please read this and consider if Edmund Standing is also racist. By confusing culture, religion and race you if anyone are actually being racist.

And, by the way, where is your evidence all women who cover their faces outside of Saudi Arabia do so of their own accord? In the case of a religion that explicitly states in its hadiths that apostasy should be punishable by death, it is very hard to know what is chosen and what is the result of coercion.

Redbelt said...

Dear Anon who posted in January;

Sorry for taking so long to publish your comment. I didn't think such an old piece would still gather attention.
To set the record finally straight: The word "Racist" is wrong. I continued using it because he did. It should have been changed to "prejudiced against X". I already said that in previous comments. Good. Next point:

Not addressing such despicable acts. I beg to differ. We do address "such despicable acts" plenty. But probably not in a language you understand (Arabic) or in media you have access to; Like local news papers and local TV stations. Which makes a lot of sense really. If I want to change my society, it wouldn't be very effective if I write it in a different language and put it where they never see. Would you, say, advertise college scholarships in USA using posters in Korean posted inside Big Corp Offices? No. It'd be in English & Spanish and posted in High schools, Colleges & Libraries. Same thing, the media you don't think is there, actually is. Just you can't see it.
You may have more insight if you follow some Arabic blogs (or Tweeters) as some do write in English, like this one.
As for my proof for personal will of women to wear a veil? I have many. come visit why don't you?
Some members of my family do wear Hijab. Others go on further and wear Niqab covering the whole face. Others do neither.
Some change their mind about Niqab and quit using it. Some change their mind about Hijab and quit using it too. The other way is also true.
Just next to me in office is a Swedish woman that turned Muslim. She didn't wear hijab and her husband never asked her to.
After a year or so she started talking about it to other female employees and then said: "y'know what? I'm gonna start this Hijab thing".
I know some people may force members of their family to conform to a certain life style. be it hijab, practicing certain sports or what have you. But the fact of the matter is women do it out of their own accord in countries that leave this choice to them. I've studied in the UK and the Malaysian students kept wearing Hijab, even though they were miles away from any family member. They could easily have taken it off if they were oppressed and no one would know!
Give women some credit. They can make a choice.