12 November, 2007

Help Redbelt get a new URL

I've been URL shopping for this blog. Of course "Redbelt.com" is out of the question. So is the .net & .org extension.
unfortunatly there is no possibility of getting a .bh extention without bending over for Batelco.That is totally unfair. I am stuck with other countries that does not represent me at all but will, unlike my home telecoms provider, welcome me. Y'know, like the island nation of Tuvalu that generously give their extensions to websites like Mahmood's den (mahmood.tv). It's thier biggest export!
Anyway, I find my self staring at these extensions:
  • .cc
  • .tv
  • .info
  • .name
I need to know which of these do you think is good. Please vote on the right. If you know how I can get a .bh domain, by all means do post a comment.
Thank you!


ammaro.com said...


Yagoob's Dome said...

I think redbelt.cc and redbelt.tv are best

have you thought of redbelt.bh.com?

Redbelt said...

Hmm... Redbelt.bh.com?
I thought getting bh was out of the question because of Batelco, but this could work.
Great out of the box thinkig,and I was reading "Death note", shame on me, I shoulda've learned something from it.

and I do like Theredbelt.com too! I swear I am beating my self up, how did I not think of this?

My thinking became more linear through the years, is that it? Am I old now?

Thanks for the advice, need to ponder this.

ammaro.com said...

definately getting old dude :p

dont beat urself up too much about it. i wanted ammar.com and it kinda took me 6 months to figure out ammaro.com wasnt taken instead

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

If RedBelt is your brand, buy them all (except for cc, I don't think it's considered much now) and then put a backorder on the traditionals (.com .net .org)

Registrars like GoDaddy.com have some good deal and they'll become even sweeter by the end of the year. However, now that you mentioned the available choices and provided them as links, I can guarantee you they have been indexed and some jerk will go out and buy them just to spite you. Hoping that they can sell them to you at multiples!

Grab .info and .tv now and work on the others later. Both shouldn't cost you more than $45 a year, that's just BD15 or so.

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

.bh costs BD3 PER MONTH apart from one offs and other registration fees AND you have to produce a CR with that brand in it.

They truly are in the dark ages.

It's not worth getting.

Redbelt said...

Thanks Mahmood for the insight. You are right, Batelco is and will always be in the dark ages until someone comes along and forces them to see the light.
Can't I buy .bh domains from the TRA?

Anyway, I am not comfortable with .tv or .cc. In the back of my mind I know they are linked to a country I have absolutely no relation to (or know where it is for that matter).
I think I'll go with Ammar's suggestion. I'll back order the regular.
I'm not sure if Redbelt is my "Brand", but it is who I am at the moment.
I can't believe 1and1.com is giving me the domain for $6.99 per year!

ammaro.com said...

godaddy will give you the domain name for even cheaper with any hosting purchase... i think it was 99 cents