18 November, 2007

Tekken 6: Heading to a PS3 near you

Bandai / Namco have allowed a few images to slip showing their flagship fighter game's digital prowess. Seems like the game is ready and will be in Arcades (if there are any left that is) by the end of this month. A shout out goes to all GCC gamers, please report any sightings of a Tekken 6 machine here.
It is set to be released for the PS3 in 2008. No idea if it will be exclusive or if Xbox360 will get a taste of it. If it is exclusive, then the PS3, after the price cuts and the stellar games, is beginning to sound like a sweet deal. You get a BLURAY player, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, Winning Eleven, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy. Not bad.
The PS3 sales have been modest but picking up pace recently. I expect it to accelerate even more in 2008, should they stay their course.


ammaro.com said...


this game is still going :S

Redbelt said...

Your words are filled with rich information.
Info like:
You don't game as much as before

you hate Tekken

you are rubbish at fighting games

Yagoob's Dome said...

I remember the first time my eldest brother brought the playstation with Tekken 2 and I was mesmerized

Although I was pretty shit at it but I can still remember the many bruises I've given (and recieved) from my younger bro.

I started to lose interest in Tekken when they introduced the scroll/platform adventure game (WTF?) was it four or five can't remember.

I hope this game gives me another reason (including the new GTA) for buying the PS3

Keep us posted with any new trailers for the game

Redbelt said...

I've just stated several reasons for owning a PS3 there Yagoob. If you check out my previous posts about the PS3, you can tell how disappointed I was, and rightfully so. But now things are looking up for Sony.
The side scrolling tekken was always a side item, not a main game. Tekken 5 didn't do much for me, I hope this one comes back stronger than ever.

ammaro.com said...

***You don't game as much as before


***you hate Tekken

i only hate the fact that i spent more money on this game at the arcade when it first came out than i spent on my new car

***you are rubbish at fighting games

you couldnt be more wrong. all the arcade machines had AAA at the number one spot. which was me.

Redbelt said...


Ammar, your 3rd statement directly CONTRADICTS with the 2nd statement.
If you were that good...
Perhaps you might want to share the truth with us now? :)

*I've been playing way too much Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, you can tell*

Redbelt said...

I found a trailer, but it is a year old. Its a safe bet that it changed significantly since.