19 November, 2007

Rain in Bahrain: Today compared to 2006

Last November Bahrain became less of an island and more of a shallow place in the sea. We drowned in heavy rain, and I loved it!
I love the rain, it goes well with my dreach personality.
Anyhow, it is the 19th of November, the weather is nice, not so cold, and certainly no rain. What gives?
According to Mr. Abdulsamad Almuhandis, a senior meteorologist in the meteorology office in Bahrain (AKA: my dad), things are looking pretty calm and sweet. No rain so far.
Last year, by the 26th of November, we got 35-45 ml. of rain. Which is a lot if you compare it to the 6.2 average. But we don't have any rain yet.
In comes Arabic Astrology. On the 24th of November, the sign of Alzbana enters. It lasts 13 days, and usually comes loaded with heavy clouds ready to unload.
I believe my father's predictions completely, but being like him, I know he'd never admit to something unless he is scientifically sure by a good percentage.
In any case, buy new wipers, get a good coat, a decent umbrella, and if your roof needs fixing do it now. You have 5 days.


ammaro.com said...

how accurate is this 'theory'?

Redbelt said...

Since it is my theory, and I have no back ground in Meterology or Astrology, I'd say not very accurate.
However, it is based on past events of 2006 and describtions of Arabic star signs.
Also, my dad (who is an authority in this) did not dismiss it, and weather.com suggests rain on the 27th. So it does hold water, pun intended.

Bahraini Diva said...

Great info thanks , so your happy days are coming soon ;) In the mean time I have to check my house roof, buy an umbrella & boots - not so happy for me :(

Redbelt said...

excuse me?
Since when did shopping became a "no so happy" time for girls, eh?

Redbelt said...

It's cloudy today! :)