12 November, 2007

Poll Results: Spare part Prices

Thank you for everyone who voted this time. I was rather surprised of the results:

Spare part prices in Bahrain:
Are Cheap!
0 (0%)
Are moderate.
0 (0%)
Are Expensive, but I buy from them.
4 (40%)
I buy from Saudi (or GCC)
2 (20%)
I buy from the US
4 (40%

No one said they are cheap or moderate. But wow, 4 voters buying from the US and 2 from GCC! 60% prefer not to buy from overpriced vendors!
While this is no way a proper scientific survey, at least it shows a trend amongst net savvy Bahrainis.


Accord said...

Ok dear,
then let me till you this story.

A friend of mine has a Jaguar that required a lot of repair work. He brought it to Mohammed Jalal which is the dealer in Bahrain, i think, and found that the labour charge is almost 30% less. At the same time he bought the spare parts from Saudi where they are 30% less in price.

Smart ha?


Redbelt said...

That is exactly what people do here Accord. But even Saudi's prices rose just out of proximity to Bahrain I reckon. But it is usually cheaper.
We should end this. Strike against spare parts! :p