05 November, 2007

Saturday's Bloggers Gathering

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Last Saturday I attended my first bloggers meeting at "Dulce" cafe. Being my first I woke up early and drove whistling there to reach before 10 AM. Most of the bloggers didn't have the same idea though.
But as they came in, conversation became richer. You can feel when you're in the midst of company that have their own active interests & backgrounds.
We spoke about the weather, laughed at the stupid cheap-stereo-like coloured lights of Bahrain's Financial Harbour and of course, took the mickey out of our Nuwab.
It was a gathering, I don't know why I had an idea in my head that it was a "meeting". I would have loved it if it had an agenda of sorts. Anyway, I tried to discuss my proposed bloggers blood donation rally and it seems like this needs its own meeting.
Anyway, it was a beautiful opportunity to see some bright minds, looking forward to the next one.


H. said...

It was really nice to have you join us on Saturday, and I'm glad you enjoyed your time.
See you next time :3

Yacoub said...

It was a pleasure meeting you and looking forward to seeing you at more gatherings inshalla to work out how to do this blood donation campaign

*Even sucking in my stomach doesn't do much :(*

Redbelt said...

It was my pleasure of course, and Yacoub, its not that bad, I wouldn't have looked if it wasn't for what you said! :)