11 February, 2008

Aldoys in the USA Open Taekwondo Tournament

Isa and his sister Reem (pictured) flew over to USA to take part in the US Open Taekwondo Tournament. Along was their father & coach (my coach too) Sabumnim, Abdulla Aldoy. This is Isa's first mens competition, although he enters it as a veteran after winning several age group tournaments.
The tournament has players from:
  • USA (well, obviously!)
  • Bahrain
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Colombia
  • Romania
  • Korea
  • Kenya
  • Brazil
  • Nepal
Aldoys are the only ones representing Bahrain and the Arab world. The full roster of players are found here.
According to the website, it should have been finished yesterday, but I can't find for the life of me any results posted on line at all. It's like everyone is busy with the tournament to post anything and the media is busy with other sports. Shame that.
I wish them good luck and if anyone knows anything about it, please leave a comment. Thanks.

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fajar said...

I love this sport. I think this is a very interesting sport. hopefully one day people - people aware of how important exercise