14 February, 2008

I HAVE to go to Dubai before I die.

I am flying to Dubai tonight. Just to spend the weekend with my wife and return on Saturday, nothing much.
I've been to Dubai numerous times. I've seen it rise from almost nothing to the huge sprawling futuristic mega polis it is today. Once upon a time, Bahrainis had the audacity to compare themselves to Dubai. Sometimes even thinking that we were better. While that may have been true at one point of time, it is not even remotely funny now.
Wether you like what Dubai became or not, you have to agree it is awesome. Everyone in the world knows what Dubai is, maybe without knowing what the UAE is. Bahrain is still thought of as a town in an American state by some.
In this website, 9 amazingly great structures from around the world are presented, Burj Dubai, which promises to be the tallest in the world by a long shot, is the greatest. When this was posted on the social website "digg", it revoked lots of comments like: "I HAVE to go to Dubai before I die".
This is the second post about the emirate in that website in a week and it always gets the same kind of response; a sense of awe and a desire to be there. Dubai is speaking to the emotions of millions.
Tell me, if the architects of "the world" came to Bahrain and said: "lookie here, we will build several man made islands in the shape of the earth continents just off the shore", what would happen? I'm guessing that the most conservative man here would probably salute them with a single finger.
Dubai has a certain quality, it looks at kooky ideas and goes: "OK, do it. We will give you anything you need".
I hope we too lose our "common sense" and get crazy soon.

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