17 February, 2008

LUG: The ASUS eee PC notebook

I posted before about the February Linux Users Group (LUG) gathering in February the 9th. The discussion was about the Asus eee PC.
for those who do not know, the eee PC is an amazing sub-notebook. It has a screen of 7 inches only, is under a kilo (900 grams) and costs BD 150, only! I'm not kidding!
No, this is not like Windows mobile or some limited OS. It has a fully functioning Linux Distro (Xandros). I mean fully working because you can browse the net, check email, write letters, watch movies and everything else just like a home PC. Marwan, the presenter and proud owner, did an amazing job familirizing everyone with the machine. The eee PC is damn sexy for sure. It's perfect as a cafe laptop, for watching movies, travel PC, presentation (can be hooked to a projector) a cheap student laptop for lectures (instead of an actual notebook) or even a kids first laptop.
It has an easy interface which is neat and an advanced interface that looks like a normal Linux distro.
I took tones of pictures and videos and wanted to make my own video, then I found this video online which did a great job summerizing it.
You can find it on Amazon, click the banner on the right. I expect someone to buy it for me on my birthday (cough, 30th April, cough).


Eyad said...

I want this in my life, been thinking about it, and seems like I'll order one.

Redbelt said...

After seeing it in action I found little reason for anyone to get a full laptop. It should be selling by the truck load.
It does have low space (2,4 or 8 Gigs only) but that is a Solid State Drive (SSD)not a hard disk, so it is faster, quieter and cooler. You can always put in an SDHC card or a USB hard disk if you like.

Eyad said...

the last thing i care about is storage, I have so much storage I dont know what to do with it, storage every where, office, laptop, external HDs, XBOX (120Gb).

I think i'll just treat my self for once and buy something that I dont need haha.

Ahmed said...

The new Eee PC 900 is already on the way ..

Same specs, 12GB flash drive available and a 9" screen instead of the 7" one ..

It's nearly the same size so no worries about the mobility and ultra portability ..

In markets by 2nd half of 2008.

Redbelt said...

Wow Ahmed!
I heard about it in the LUG meeting, but this seems really cool!

Luigi said...

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