11 February, 2008

Egypt are the African Champions

Yesterday, I skipped a lecture at university, headed straight home to throw away my suit and wear the "gahwa" uniform, I have a match to catch.
I reached the gahwa, seats were filling up quick and becoming rather rare. 3 friends came and joined me. Egypt was playing Cameroon for the title of "the African Champion".
90 nail biting minutes. The Egyptians again played like men. They played like it personally mattered to them, like it is a matter of pride and honour, like a plague of unholy death was to befall them should they lose.
These men fought, and might I add, with a sporting spirit.
Mr. Hubail, Mr. Salmeen, I hope you saw that match yesterday. I really do. Call up the rest of the team mates, do you have their phone numbers? Well call them up and make sure they saw that. y'know, just to have an idea what fighting for one's country is like, if you'd ever be interested in something like that.
Egypt had a solid defense line, a strong middle and dangerous attackers. Alhadari was an amazing goal keeper as well, saving the Egyptians numerous times.
Their strategy was sound and well implemented. That was a performance I can hardly fault.
Congratulations Egypt. Unlike others that come to mind, you are making arabs proud. Thank you.

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