02 February, 2008

Internet Sea Cables [diagram]

Recently, the undersea internet cable was damaged in the sea near Egypt, causing near disconnected status to many in the GCC and India.
It wasn't just one cable too, they were two! A full 1 Kilometer apart. How did two get severed in the same time? Allah knows that's for sure. But we have no idea of any mere mortals with that kinda knowledge, according to our local press.
But according to this diagram, it knows of the culprit. The diagram above shows the undersea cables around the world, the damaged ones are in black, it has this to say:
Alexandria, Wednesday,

A ship's anchor accidentally cuts two cables, SeaMeWe 4 and FLAG Europe-Asia reducing internet capacity in Asia by 75%

So, someone stupidly forgot to raise the freaking anchor, is that it? Didn't the people on the ship feel they were cutting a cable? OK, they may have felt the cable cutting thing with the first one, but you'd think they'd raise it before they hit the other ONE KILOMETER AWAY.
But I'm being harsh, pherhaps the poor souls couldn't raise that anchor. Maybe it was busted as we know how we mid-easterns love to keep everything well maintained and in an imacculate condition. Your theories on what realy happened are highly welcome in the comments section.


ammaro said...

thats a pretty damn cool image. the funny thing was, i actually envisioned a joke image to post that looked something like that (ie, middle east connected to the rest of the world via one big cable), but it was supposedly a joke. turns out its actually true. sad... sad...

Redbelt said...

Well, we are better off than the rest of Africa, wouldn't you say?