16 March, 2007

How to pimp in Bahrain

This is a page from "alwaqt" newspaper's classified page.
For the non Arabic speaker, it says: "Are you looking for your other half? Then callr" abu-ghayeb on *mobile number*"
What the hell is this?
Knowing how newspapers work, I am sure that they did not bother to take the time to see if this fellow is a legitimate licenced match making business. The person, could be, for all I know, a pimp or a pervert.
The mobile number isn't assuring, and the "name" isn't a name at all. Abu ghayeb is a nickname that is called on single people or ones who have no children yet.
So, our news papers could be trafficking prostitution? or paving ways to sexual crimes?
Alwaqt isn't the only one behind this, I saw a similar ad in alwaseet, not sure if this ran in other papers as well.
someone should address this.


LuLu said...

Aww I wonder if people actually buy this.

But anyway, it's really not the newspaper's place to be investigating each and every ad that is placed.. I wonder why isn't there some consumer protection unit which can take that responsibility or at least warn of/expose fraud (e7m.. theoretically there is one in the MOIC but I wouldn't exactly call them active).

Manaf Almuhandis said...

Actually, it IS the newspaper's place to.. not investigate, but at least ask for a copy of thier Commercial registeration (CR), if they have none, they can simply insert classifides for normal stuff, y'know, selling a car or such.