26 March, 2007

Sony: Americans are cheap. The British cost more.

Ray Maguire (Sony UK managing director) says in a response to the question: "Why is the PlayStation 3 more expensive in the UK than it is in the rest of Europe?":

"If you take what's considered to be the most expensive and the least expensive – consider the US with its massive land and cheap people. Then you look at the UK – a little island where rent and rates are at an absolute
premium, and the cost of people is a lot more."
OK.. lets assume for a moment that I have no PR experience, and that I'm a total Nintendo fanboy with an IQ that's slightly higher than my shoe size. I know nothing about anything, OK? YOU tell me. Does that statement seem right to you?

I know what he's trying to say, but for goodness sake, people will eat you up for that. You don't need any more negative publicity.

Despite the public annoyance with the 425GBP price (around $850 retail), I originally thought that they intended to offer a lower price similar to the American price but couldn't. I may have been sympathetic there. I was way wrong:

-But GBP 425 seems like an odd number. Did you think about pricing the PS3 at
GBP 399 which would have a different feel to it, psychologically?
No. We
did consider GBP 429, but we wanted to get the best for the consumer.

oh.. I see. you planned on getting MORE money, but you gave people a 4 pound discount. Gee, we don't know how to thank you.

Since launch the only good things I wrote about Sony was "HOME" and the other was the free HD TVs for London. I really need more positive news!

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