07 March, 2007

Yossou N'Dour Tickets for Dadada-Dan Tenko

Alwaqt newspaper reported that all the tickets for the Spring of Culture events were SOLD OUT! And I thought "OMG! I didn't get the Dadada-Dan Tenko tickets yet!" I jumped in my Alty and scoured through Bahrain. All I found were tickets for Yossou N'Dour & the Chehadeh Brothers. I bought the first.
I'm disappointed. I didn't think it would be such a huge success like that! Well, at least I have two BD 15 tickets for the Senegalese singer for tomorrow night. I however would gladly exchange them for the Japanese drumming band. Anyone interested, please comment with your email. I'll even accept the BD 7 tickets now.
Either way, both shows promise to be great, and I'm glad I'm lucky enough to witness something at least.

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