06 March, 2007

Spring of Culture: Arad Fort Lighting

Yesterday, my wife and I went to see the lighting ceremony of Arad fort. It is to become the venue for allot of attractions throughout the month.

I arrived there, before 8PM. Went in and thought that everything was over, as it was pitch dark; (the event was to start at 6:30). Luckily it was just late. A good number of journalists, photographers, ambassadors and dignitaries were present. The ambiance was nice with my old School buddy Khalid Alshamlan playing on the grand piano.
I grabbed a cup of tea and stood to listen to two quick speeches, then *click*, the switch was flipped.

Light it did, but.. to be frank, I expected more. What with the word "ceremony" and all. Here, you can watch the video, but be warned, its boring as hell. I have better expectations for the rest of the events.

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