07 March, 2007

Milan Matchala spotted at the Ritz Carlton Bahrain

Today, at 11:33 AM, as I was getting into the Ritz Carlton Hotel, I saw Milan Matchala, the famous (GCC wise at least) football coach get out of the hotel, and into the back of a beige BMW 7 series where he was chauffeured away.
Alwatan newspaper predicted that there are plans to recruit him to coach the Bahraini football team. True enough, he is here. However, Alwatan's headline today reads that he says he is here on a "Family Visit".
I would believe that save for the fact that he was chauffeured away. You do not get a BMW 7 series with its own chauffeur if it was a family visit. Someone provided him with that and my money goes to that he will be the next Bahrain coach.
I managed to grab a quick pick as he was pulling away, but it's not very clear. Sorry, my phone camera needs some time to be ready.
But at least, now you know!

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