24 March, 2007

Mud storm: Aftermath

Right, this sudden mudstorm did some damage.
I surveyd the house and saw:

Broken branches

Blown away leaves

Blown down Satellite Dish (fell from the roof)

our neighbours too sufferd fom Broken Branches Syndrome

and my last pic:

The Aluminum shade in the building where I just rented an Apartment in collapsed. I don't think any cars were underneath or they would'ave been smashed. It's a good thing I haven't moved there yet.

I saw more damages on the streets, ripped out trees, falling signs and such. If you got pictures send them in. I'll post them right here.

I hope everyone is OK.

Update (2:20PM)

More pictures of Damage


Omar said...


I'm guessing your a Bahraini too,

Are you currently in Bahrain?

Is everyone alright? No injuries hopefully.

Manaf Almuhandis said...

I am a Bahraini in Bahrain, yes.
Everyone is allright, don't worry. In that storm only one fatality was there and several road accidents, boat sinkings and things pulled off the ground.
But otherwise everything is fine. The speed of winds reached 53 knots.
Newspapers say today there will be more of that so inshallah people are better prepared now.

TechZ said...

Wow, it certainly was a ton of damage!