25 October, 2007

Blood Needed TODAY

This morning, The Blood Bank at Salmaniya Hospital sent me an SMS. They need more blood (sounds like a phrase from a movie, doesn't it?) Its for Anemic & Thelacemic children, and they need it by 12 PM today (Short notice, I know) so I'm going there with some colleagues, join us if you can.
The blood bank is in Salmaniya Hospital, near the parking lot for the Emergency dept. Its the building on your right, if you are facing the Emergency's entrance. Head through the door and read the signs to know where to go.
More info about donating blood and its benefits (yes, it is actually good for you) is here.
This is not the Bloggers 4 Blood rally that we (along with other bloggers) wish to run, but it just sorta happened. Come see us there!


Sunshine said...

aww im not bak yet :(
any news about the bloggers rally thing??

Redbelt said...

Hi sunshine.
Bahraini Diva, Bint Battuta, Ammaro & Eyad are all interested (and you too). Some are still out of Bahrain so I'm waiting for them to be here before we start planning. When will you be back?
e mail me at redbelt at zain.com.bh