18 October, 2007

Can I go home now?

I've got the flu. Being sick, only 17% of my brain cells are active (y'know, for breathing and stuff).
Since I am at work, I typed what I feel into MSWord:

Can I go home now?

and "synonymized" it to become:

May I be authorized to depart in the direction of my domicile at this time?

My meds aren't working too well. Entertain a poor sick guy will ya? Synonmize some phrases for me.


ammaro.com said...

get well soon. sucks to be sick.

manutdfanatic said...

Influenza isn't all that bad; but to some people, it comes in real heavy bouts-my dad would be one such case; he seldom gets sick, and when he does, it's always the flu that attacks him, and trust me...you don't want to be around him when he gets it; there's only so much of a person's temper tantrums that you can tolerate.

Get well soon!

Redbelt said...

Thanks guys
Flu is a common thing with me. I do have rather decent stamina tho, I keep fighting the thing for over a week then collapse eventually and get carries away to a hospital.
But it wasn't so bad this time. I walked in. :)