23 October, 2007

Street Fighter IV: Prepare yourself

It was 1992
over 15 years ago. Yes, Fifteen.
Street Fighter II was out and it took the world by storm. I spent untold amounts of cash at the Sindibad arcade at the Exhibition avenue (now le Ancien Cafe, or something).
Street Fighter II was a revolution. It made Arcades popular again, and gave rise to the fighting genre. Street Fighter II was as popular as Michael Jackson in his days, the characters more known than Micky Mouse or Mario even. Capcom was on top of the world.
As I said, that was 15 years ago.
The fighting Genre is almost dead, if not for true die hard fans. Arcades are dead. People are talking about ipods, wiimotes and 1080p now. They forgot the hadokens and shoryukens.

Now, it's coming back. Street Fighter IV is soon to be. I feel like crying at times, at times I feel giddy.
I seriously can't wait!


ammaro.com said...

street fighter 2 was the king man... i spent so much on it... first in picadilly circus-london, then on buying a super Nintendo just so i can play it (i had a sega and it wasnt released on it yet) and then back in bahrain in the arcade in zeena (soug el manama), and so on. hadooooooooooooooooken!

Redbelt said...

Do you think it would revive arcades again?
Street fighter III didn't do much but it seems that they are putting more weight behind this.