02 October, 2007

The Japanese School of Bahrain's Festival - 07

The Japanese school of Bahrain is holding its annual festival. Mr. Baraa of the Japanese Embassy thankfully called and invited me. I've been there ages ago, you have the nice traditional food stalls, games, students dancing. It's like a trip to Japan on a diet.
I highly recommend that you go. Tickets cost BD 2 only, but I am sure that they are limited and not everyone can get them so call quickly.
Call Baraa on 17711323.


Yagoob's Dome said...

When is it?
and where is the Japanese school, Baraa did tell me about the last time I saw him but he didn't tell me when exactly

Redbelt said...

Hmm. I guess I was in such a hurry I forgot to write the date. It should be the 30th of November. The Japanese school should be in Saar, somewhere near the Najibi centre.

ammaro.com said...

didnt even realize we had a japanese school. is it a language school for those who want to learn japanese, or is it a regular school for japanese people?

how can we join in? I've always had a lot of interest in Japanese culture

Redbelt said...

Its a school for the Japanese kids. There is a small Japanese society in Bahrain, but they are very reserved, so they stick together rather than interact outside.
Actually my Japanese teacher (Ken Sensie) commented on that. Ken likes to try new things and have lots of friends from all over. However, most Japanese folk unfortunately are less outgoing.
Again if want to learn Japanese, I can give you ken's number and attend his classes, or I can give you the amazing collection I have of digital classes and books on DVD.