03 October, 2007

Human LCD Screens

So, south Koreans wanted to cheer for their soccer teams. What do they do? transform them selves into LARGE STADIUM LCDS!

Just so you know, these are live humans in an unbelievable level of synchronization. They are not using coloured cards, but their own clothes non the less. They have a jacket with one colour in the front, another in the back, and they can open it up to reveal a third colour in their t-shirts. One school even figured out how to use pants as shading.
This is a human feat. Our legendary electronic National stadium score board is no match to their 100% manual efforts.
To read more into this: this just shows the level of creativity and efficiency that a culture reached. I remember when I was young, Japanese cars were put down as being "only Japanese", hinting towards inferior quality. Who can say that anything Japanese is inferior to anything now?
Same thing happened with the Koreans, but just look how we are fighting over their latest goods. It is now being said about China, but just you wait and see.
So in my own life time, I saw culture morph into a much more developed version of the original.
I wonder, what do you think happened to Bahrain in the mean time? Did we progress? Or had we indeed, regressed?


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Redbelt said...

كاسر خاطر روحك؟

manutdfanatic said...

Whoah! All that trouble just because they wanted to show their support for the footie team? Talk about fan extremism, lol!

Bahraini Diva said...

oh my god! work of art
AMAAAAZING coordination!
Who watched the match?

Redbelt said...

My question to all of you is this:
What is the possibility of seeing something like this in Bahrain? And why?