29 October, 2007

After Donation

I went to the Salmaniya Hospital Blood Bank last Thursday and donated what I could. There were some people who also answered the SMS call and raced to help others. As it seems, they are now in need of all blood types. They usually write down on a white board inside what types they need, as an internal memo. But this time it actually said "All blood types needed".
I kept hearing the name of a small girl, "Reem" I reckon. I understood that she was needing a specific blood type (either an A+ or an AB+, I know, my memory is useless), and they had a hard time getting it. Only two donors matched, which means they have only 900 cc of blood. Less than a liter. Not exactly sufficient is it?
Well if you do have that blood type, or are just a nice person, do go there and help others (See the picture, I'm smiling! It doesn't hurt, really!). If you are a blogger and wish to help organize a gathering to promote blood donation, please leave a comment.

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