07 January, 2008

Bahrain is cold again

Winter is back again after pretending to be summer for a bit. I asked my dad (who, again, is a meteorologist or um... weather specialist person) about this. He said that winds during the hot winter period came from a south eastern direction. From UAE. And in the area between the UAE and Qatar, you can find very shallow sea, like 3 meters deep. This shallowness absorbs heat quickly and evaporates, forming hot & humid weather going our way.
As for the cold, usually we get winds that originate from Siberia, Russia. They travel across Eastern Europe, Iraq & Iran before they get to us, so it picks some heat along the way. Siberia itself could reach -40 degrees.
The odd thing about this winter is, that the Siberian winds are taking a shortcut! They are heading straight over Iran and Directly onto Bahrain. Hence the temp. drop. And if you think this is cold, just you wait.
Weather.com predicts that Tuesday night will have a low of 5 degrees, while Wednesday's and Thursday will be coldest as the minimum temperature would reach a meager 4 degrees only.

The coldest Bahrain ever reached was 2.6 sometime in the 50s. So this is going to be one of your coldest in a long time.


SoulSearch said...

Brrrrrrrrrrd. I was freezing this morning. My kids looked like snowmen. Thanks for the weather tip from your Dad!!
I love winter!!

SoulSearch said...

Hi, just saw an ad for your blog on AlWatan newspaper website! cool...

Redbelt said...

Thanks Soulsearch.
I can't believe Alwatan still has it. I used to work there last year and my ad was actually a space saver until real ads come in. Guess no ads ever came. My gain!