29 January, 2008

This will never happen in Bahrain

The picture you see above is of a traffic warden giving a Bugatti Veyron a parking ticket.
For the un-informed, The Bugatti Veyron is a very expensive beast. 16 cylinders, 8 Liter engine, 4 Turbos, 4 Wheel Drive, 1001 Horse Power and only two seats. It goes from 0 - 100 KPH in about 2.5 seconds and costs BD 643000 (around US$ 1,700,000).
And it got a parking ticket. As you can see, crowds of people were surrounding the car which was parked in a no parking zone. And everyone cheered and clapped as the warden wrote the ticket for the millionaire owner, the daily SUN reported.
Do you think it will be treated the same way in Bahrain? Or be able to kill little children and get away with it?


ammaro said...

same thing could happen in bahrain.
traffic officer gets fired the next day, though.

Salman Rahma said...


oh, you mean from the country or from life