02 January, 2008

Selling my Original Altima 05, 17" wheels

Also known as "Ringat" in Bahrain. I'm selling them through an ebay local knock off called Soogon. It is pretty pathetic, but hey, does the trick.
Anyone interested in buying them either bid through the auction or leave a comment.



ammaro.com said...

i know one of the guys who came up with sogoon. its not a bad site, not great, but not bad. the thing is, its going to take the people using the site to actually make it popular. anyhow; good luck on the sale bro.

Redbelt said...

To be frank, Soogon is a joke. But this is the only local ebay alternative I have. I do appreciate the effort, but see, my auction still has no bids because almost no one goes to that website.
Further more it is horribly insecure. I saw a cheap Chinese phone the other day on soogon masquerading as a VERTU phone (these hyper expensive jewelery phones) and it was also priced as such. Pure fraud, but no way to report the user.