27 January, 2008

My little Wii boy grows up

Everyone is on Nintendo's case saying that it is a kiddie company. In part, Nintendo brought it on itself, what with the fake blood in SNES's Mortal Kombat (If you don't remember, you're too young). Nintendo throws loads of fluffy coloured themes of Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. Even Metroid which is more serious than the rest is rather clean.
Nintendo, being wise and learn from mistakes, saw what the Playstation did and acknowledged that gamers did indeed grow up (I for one am 30). We did see Resident Evil 4 come up on Wii. I did pick up that and it was amazing. But it was merely a rehash of an old PS2 game. No biggie, huh?
In come Ubisoft with their soon to be released "No More Heroes".
Think Grand Theft Auto but with lots of combat in it. This game is basically about a killer that enters a killers competition to deter main who's the best killer. By Killing them.
Have a look at the Video preview. Looks like something to keep an eye on.


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Non gamers should know: FTW is For The Win

Actually Eyad, X360 is second place in the US after Wii. I'm talking numbers. It is a very distant third in Japan.
If you throw in portables, then NDS is first making the X360 in fourth place in USA and fifth in Japan.

It is a very nifty machine, but it didn't win yet.