15 January, 2008

Bush visits Dubai, all life ends.

Bush continues his "farewell tour" in the middle east. This time? he stops in Dubai, UAE. While us poor Bahrainis were forced to go to work and suffered all the way through; Dubai gave EVERYONE the day off. Bahraini roads were filled with endless traffic, but Dubai roads? well...

Where were all the Emaratis? looks like they were all driven away from the main roads:So, you tell me if I am crazy but If you need all that protection, you must be doing something wrong.

I can't wait until this bozo's term is over.


ammaro said...

the first few shots looks like something out of 28 days later.

to see dubai that quiet is freaky. and yes, just a good ol' 12 months and we'll have someone new. lets hope its not hillary though.

Redbelt said...

I'm hoping its Ron Paul.