27 January, 2008

Windows Vista: Friend or Foe? You can't make up your mind!

There was a small poll to the right for a few weeks. It asked what you thought of Microsoft's new Windows Vista. Your responses shows a huge split in opinion:

Windows Vista is:

Amazing. Rock solid
3 (20%)
Good, with flaws
5 (33%)
Same as previous versions
0 (0%)
Bad, worse than previous versions
2 (13%)
Useless! Completely naff
5 (33%)

Of the 15 individuals participating, 53% thought Vista was better than before or great, while 46% though it was worse than before or useless.
Absolutely no one thought it performed similarly to previous windows installments.

How can this happen? is it good or is it bad? It seems that the disappointed ones were really very disappointed, while the impressed ones werent impressed as strongly. This poll is too simple to get a good idea of the situation with these numbers. Maybe a full survey? Then again, why should I? I'm not getting paid for this! Just leave a comment and everyone becomes happier somehow.

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