08 January, 2008


So, Bill Gates announced during the 2008 International CES that Microsoft have already conquered 100 Million PCs with Windows Vista.
100 Million. Read it like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers movies. 100 Million!

So, with all the complaining, nagging, jokes, PC mac commercials, Ubuntu uprising. They STILL go and conquer the world. Chances are you are reading this on a Vista PC right now.

For what its worth, I'm glad my current employer downgraded all PCs from Vista to XP. Else I strongly recommend using Linux Ubuntu. Vista wont be ready for a year or two.


Marwan said...

Yeah, ole Mr.Gates is funny that way. I wonder when the next MS OS will come out, and what the Linux/Mac/Win landscape will be like then.

Should be interesting to see how things unfold

Redbelt said...

It is changing Marwan, Before it was a Windows Landscape, then it became a Windows / Mac landscape. No one, until recently threw Linux in the equation (largely due to Ubuntu IMHO). It is a three way race, but Windows still does have a clear advantage.
Microsoft has a huge deal with the Bahraini government, providing them with heavily discounted solutions and support. What this does is install MS into a country and it slowly becomes a standard that competitors are not likely to break. Apple & any Linux flavour can't do that.

ammaro.com said...

i personally prefer the windows suite, but only because ive been so used to it. im practically an expert in it, but give me an apple OS and im totally lost. bluh.

windows has taken over the world but i dont think 100 mill ppl have went out and bought vista. its more probably all those new PCs bundled with vista, you buy a pc, you get it. easy peasy.