26 September, 2007

Poll results: What do you think of "Action 123" on BTV

There is a poll that wasn't popular. Only 4 voters. Here goes:

Its great!
1 (25%)
Not bad really
0 (0%)
Boring, and smells funny too
0 (0%)
They make me feel ashamed of being Bahraini
3 (75%)

I know that everyone hated BTV this year more than anything. Still, even the most optimistic will at least say that its not bad.
But saying its great? Who voted for that? Come clean!

I found the acting and ideas to be very pathetic, and seriously not funny. Rather annoying more like. And what is with these stories they come up with? What do you think and what do you watch in Ramadhan?


ammaro.com said...

that show was a load of crap. really. no seriously. totally. damn. whats happened to our standards

Redbelt said...

I cringe every time I see it.
It's like, we have funny people, we really do. But they are not on BTV.
I feel as if BTV is attracting like minded people only. The same like minded people do more shows and you have a pile of excellent manure.

Would it be financially feasible to make shows to sell to BTV? one might do it to spare people of this annoyance.

ammaro.com said...

its not only that. the quality of the filming is crappy too. if youre watching that Btv show (dunno what its called) you need to keep putting the volume up and down to counteract for it increasing and decreasing.