25 September, 2007

Stupid Rice

That doesn't make sense does it?
I love the bottom fine print on the sticker!


manutdfanatic said...

Hahaha! For real?

They probably put the disclaimer; "please ignore all references to the USA" on the sticker out of fear of possible low sales since the rice bag initially mentioned the word "American".
Believe it or not, there's this furniture shop in Jeddah that went by the name of "American Home Furniture" a while back. They recently cropped the "American" bit and changed the name to "Home Furniture" or something similar.

Anti-Americanism is on the rise in the Middle East.

Redbelt said...

manutdfanatic, I think you're right.

ammaro.com said...

lol. i could picture another sticker. American rice. Disclaimer, this bag does not contain rice.

Anonymous said...

Have u ever noticed that America is a double continent? :)

HF Vanessa

Redbelt said...

Dear Vanessa,
Yes, I do realize that we have 2 Americas. But if you want to be a stick in the mud:
The term "America" informally refers to USA. most, if not all, referrals to the continents are attached with words like North & South.
Similarly, the word "Dollar" usually means American, despite having several countries with a dollar currency.