02 September, 2007

MTC is officially dubbed "ZAIN"

MTC has changed its name and will soon be called "Zain". Check out this link at GSM world and you can see the new name between brackets.

Today's newspapers showed parts of the new logo (It is the black-blue-green thing) on several pages as teaser ads. you can see the first page of the Gulf daily news here.
Scouring the net, the only logo I found was a bad image by a fellow blogger: "Kuwaitism". You can see it to the right.
MTC (or I should start calling them Zain now), claim that political and economical legislations in Kuwait became unwelcoming to businesses as of late, thus the move.
I think it is also due to the fact that MTC means "Mobile Telecommunications Company", and they are expanding to more than just mere "Mobile".
Will they forgo the "Vodafone" part is still to be seen.


ammaro.com said...

vodafone is dropped. they basically leased the name when they started operations and now the period is up, so theyre gonna drop it.

abdulla said...

Take a look at this http://tinyurl.com/3a88xh

It shows the logo on different stuff, pens, car, t-shirts, etc.

Bahraini Diva said...

well, I don't have an mtc (zain) line ,but I've been invited directly from the management to their official launching of zain on Saturday! now, the question is: WHY ME?? I've never been supported to mtc! when every one started changing their lines and cursing at batelco, I was one of the people who didn't (changing the line that is) but off course the other part keeps going, It's part of our bahrain culture to curse at batelco

ammaro.com said...

thats also one of the main reasons mtc actually made it; people hated batelco so much, it didnt matter if mtc was better, more reliable or even cheaper, they just wanted to leave batelco

Redbelt said...

you'r right Ammaro. When MTC opend up, I was at the tent in line waiting to get a number. MTC thankfully did not disappoint at all. I think it's due to the managment being not Bahraini that is.

Thanks for the URL, that is very intresting indeed. MTC (Zain) always had a solid marketing team.

And Diva>
If I point out to you where Batelco is inferior to Zain in service, you'll go straight ahead and get a line. Oh heck Do a test for me:
Call 196 the call 107 and ask this:
I have a Palm one Treo 650 phone. I would like the internet settings for it please, and can I connect my laptop to it via bluetooth to use the GPRS connection?

Try it, it's really fun.