03 September, 2007

NYIT Bahrain's First Car Show

Last Friday, NYIT had their first Car show, which is what I hope will be an annual event. I joined in with my Altima this time, didn't win of course, my car doesn't have many bolt-ons or stickers you see.
There were some decent ones, but the ones I remember are Butt Ugly! Can you spot the ugliest one?

Watch the video, it has most of the cars in it and the results. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I think the PINK Maxima is the ugliest P~~

It looks horrible


Redbelt said...

Ugly meter:

Pink Maxima: 1
Other cars: 0

Funaki said...

I was at the show and i have to agree with you the pink car was ugly as hell. who goes for a pink color anyways??

June said...

This has nothing to do with anything but for some reason I checked out your wishlist... A mangroomer back hair shaver?

Eyad the Great said...

the whole show sucked, I didn't attend just got to see about 400 pix and to be very honest, WTF.

1- why would you choose August to host an outdoor event.

2-why would you bring a Mechanic, who have customers participating in the show to Judge? of course they will win other wise he is clearly saying I don't like my work, hint hint.

3- what were the criteria for Judging? is there anything solid to base on?

Car shows have been sinking down since the last good one, yes it was Rumble in the Desert.

Long Live gulfgt.com

Redbelt said...

you are right June. Your comment has nothing to do with anything. Would you like one by the way?

Pink Maxima: 2
Other Cars: 0

Redbelt said...

Eyad my friend:

1) August is a bad month to even exist in. Very bad idea.

2&3) I have no idea about that. Maybe someone from SLO should respond. I do know that the guy who won most favorite car had all his friends go to vote for him. I'm a participant and even I didn't know we could vote for cars. Go figure.

But I'm not gonna put it down. Kudos for the effort. Its a nice move and beats standing still. I hope next year's event would be grander.