18 September, 2007

A Saudi day Out in Bahrain

one day, at a Saudi home:

W "Lets have a picnic."
M "Where do you want to go?"
W "umm... Seef mall is nice!"
M "You're right! Prepare the Machboos Woman! We are leaving"
Please note the "Jiddir" (pot) that this Saudi family brought in to eat in the food court. everything was put on the table and the woman started to "Tanchib" the food for her husband.
And so they left, leaving the "jiddir" and thier mobile phone too.
Do they not know what a mall is?


الـ رُوح~ said...

!! MAAAN !!
didn't they bring a "sma6" 2 ?
oooooH right, they're so modern 2 do so!

Yacoub said...

Don't forget that these people have travelled from their country and maybe after hearing of the horrendously slow traffic at the causeway, thought it would be best if they prepared some food beforehand and then decided to eat it in Seef Mall.

Many Bahraini families do it when they travel to Saudi or Kuwait..

ammaro.com said...

wahahahahahaa, goddamn...

yeah, sometimes i dotn get those saudis...

Redbelt said...

Yacoub my friend;
people taking food with them when traveling = normal
Jiddir and Machboos from home at Seef mall = weirdo

FawaZu// said...

Manaaf!! Maybe they had Machboos or something from Al Abraj or an Arabic (or Indian) restaurant!! Sometimes they do serve in Jdoor!!

Redbelt said...


They serve with jidoor in Seef? I never heard of it.

Ebtihal said...

I think they had their favourit meal in a nice place, they had applied their own free will, insted of being forced to choose from whatever is available there. Good for them.

manutdfanatic said...

Lol, come on...don't be so harsh on them!

Well, maybe they were just feeling homesick. The KSA isn't exactly a desert, you know...in fact, there are probably more malls in one city here than in the whole of Bahrain put together. No offence, but maybe you overdid the criticism a teeny bit, yes? :)

Redbelt said...


Some of my best friends are Saudi. I got into business with one, I attended weddings for others.
I am not saying that Saudi's are like that. No way.
I am saying our Saudi Tourists are like that. I'm sorry, I haven't seen any Kuwaiti family for example do that. Its just how Saudi's who visit act.
BTW, did you know that the Saudi Embassy is using pressure to ban the newspapers from writing "Saudi" on offbeat and trajic news tourist do, and substituting them with the word "5aleejy" (from the Gulf)?

No offence to Saudia, but I am sure you know that alot of people that go out of Saudia really give you guys a very bad name.

manutdfanatic said...

True true. I'm aware of the kind of image some Saudis tend to create when out of their country; I wasn't really contesting that claim. You came across as a tad bit too harsh on the family you mentioned in your post, hence my indignant comment.

Thanks for the clarification. :)