15 September, 2007

Different Ramadhan timings - Poll results

Here are the results of the tiny poll that I had on the right:

Do you think different Ramadhan starting dates make sense?

Yes. Ther
e are different ways of calculation. 1 (20%)
No, we are a small country for god's sake! 4 (80%)
I don't know. Maybe. 0 (0%)

So this shows that through my modest estimate, people wish to be Muslims and have a unified calendar rather than sects. all well and good.

So how are different days are being announced? What are the rules to govern this? Is there any common ground? Should there be a unified calender worldwide, region wide, country wide or be sect specific. What about Eid? and hajj? And how come we all agree on Muharram?

I want this to be a big discussion so please invite everyone you know here, I'd like input from as many people as possible. Thanks.


ammaro.com said...

there are obvious scientific ways of figuring out things like when the moon will appear, and therefore when a certain month will start, and the technology to put all of this in place is readily available. I don't see the point of still being divided up on the beginning of the month! This year we had 3 different starting dates!

Redbelt said...

Ah, Ammar,
But others will argue that the prophet (PBUH) said
صوموا لروئيته وأفطرو لرؤيته
(Fast when seeing it (the crecent) and break the fast when seeing it)

What are the main differences between the sunni and shia methodes in Bahrain. Are there further Sunni - Sunni or Shia-shia differences? Should we follow other countries like KSA or Iran or should we go our own way. Why not a global agreed date?

ammaro.com said...

yes, but seeing it doesn't have to necessarily be with the naked eye. you can see it with your eye, a telescope, or through a computer. and in this day and age, the latter is the most accurate

Redbelt said...

well said. But I'm afraid people aren't as passionate about this topic as I thought.