10 September, 2007

Zain Vs. Batelco Poll results

There was a small poll to the right for the past week. Now with Zain in the picture, I wanted to know what you all think; I asked you if you will keep Batelco, keep Zain, or shift providers. Here are the results:

Get a new Zain line and throw away Batelco
2 (18%)

Stay with Batelco
4 (36%)

Throw away Zain and move to Batelco
0 (0%)
Stay with
5 (45%)

Wow, absolutly no one (0%) wants to leave Zain! (zain la?*) While this poll had only 11 participants, 63% are either keeping thier Zain lines or throwing away batelco for it. the remaining 36% will stay with Batelco
Thank you for everyone who took part. What do you think of this?
* Sorry, couldn't resist the pun!


ammaro.com said...

i got an MTC line when they first came out and dropped it 3 months later... their service was ridiculous at first, but I guess that was because they had just started up then...

anyway, I guess theyre doing a lot better now. Maybe ill check them out again

Eyad the Great said...

I have both, and as we say, 3ambar o5o blal.

the thing that I like the most about MTC is the Help Desk, they are actually their to help than to give you a Hard time like when you call stupid Batelco.

Redbelt said...

Actually Eyad, this is my selling point for anyone who is still using Batelco. Plus I get to trust my phone bills. Something that I cannot say about Batelco IMO.

Anonymous said...

When I came to Bahrain almost 2 years ago, I compared MTC and Batelco, and MTC won with leaps and bounds. I have never had a problem with them, when I roam (UK, Kuwait, UAE), I never had a problem. It always works. My bills are always correct. The help-desk know their stuff. I always recommend people to use MTC. I pay MTC on average BD100 a month, and I am on the phone A LOT.

When I first saw the "teasers" for Zain, I thought a new clothing store is opening in Dana Mall. To my shock and horror, I heard that this is the new MTC identity.

Even though I am sure the actual service of MTC (Zain) won't change, I am now ashamed to be a customer of them. Their shop (off exhibition road) looks like a ice-cream parlor. It has lost the corporate feel to it. When new people arrived at my company, I always recommended them to go and get a MTC number, but now I won't do that anymore. The image Zain is projecting with the new identity is unprofessional, "run-of-the-mill" and just plain disgusting.

I would change my number in a flash if there was a 3rd cellular provider in Bahrain, because Batelco just does not cut it. You hear horror stories of people roaming and arriving in a foreign country and they can't even phone Batelco in Bahrain.

So I am saying NO! NO! NO! to Zain, but there are no other alternatives unfortunately, so I guess I will have to put a paper bag over my head if I have to go and pay my bill so people can't see how ashamed I am walked into that "ice cream parlor".

HR said...

I dont know how correct this poll is ....

To my knowledge, I have seen more people dumping Zain ...

the only reason why people were buying Zain was that it was giving 26 min to India / Pakistan and Bangladesh and most of them were buying for single use. "Use-and-Throw".. So next time you want to buy a SIM card , you dont have to visit the Zain shops, all you have to do is walk around in Manama, you can find many used Zain SIM on the roadside..

Redbelt said...

I don't know where you get your information from, but most people in Bahrain do not get phones to call Bangladesh. They use it to conduct local phone calls. If you have a comment on that please come again.