01 September, 2007

The Wall of Charity

The NYIT students (I am one of them) are building a wall of charity.

Basically, you buy a brick for BD1, then write whatever you want on it, they go and build a wall using these.

Proceeds go to charity, so if you are from NYIT, buy bricks. If not, lets someone else buy bricks for you! It's a good thing.


ammaro.com said...

Cool, cheap advertising right there!

Maybe we should sell them on ebay.

Manaf Almuhandis said...

We can't sell on ebay.
You need an American bank account first to register.

God I hope an Arabic or at least a Bahraini ebay like site comes up.

ammaro.com said...

you can actually; i just use my credimax visa and its fine...

Redbelt said...

If you can sell through ebay please tell me how.
When I tried it they asked for a social security number and an American bank account.

I can buy fine, just not sell.