05 September, 2007

Batelco is the best internet provider.... Wallah! Don't laugh!

It appears that Batelco is the BEST MID_EAST INTERNET PROVIDER. So all you moaners can just shut it.

Ammar is having a fit about it too! I mean PLEASE! I know that our Arabic PR usually leans toward the "Alsahhaf" way (the famous ex-Iraqi Info. Minister), and we are experts at turning everything bad into a good point. But this is blatantly lying in your face. It's like someone looking at you in the eye, telling you that cows DO fly, and then grin expecting you to shut up and just take it.

If Batelco's aim is to enhance it's image in Bahrain, well, that will have the negative effect. If your plan is to enhance your image abroad, that might work, but we (the bloggers) are here to try and stop the stream of Bullshit.

Of course, for good measure, visit Boycott Batelco.

Have a hilarious day.


ammaro.com said...

Its ridiculous dude... Its really frustrating... I wanna strangle someone...

Redbelt said...

Well, on the other hand, a friend of mine pointed out the freedom of Bahrain's internet is much better than that of neighboring countries. Sure Etisalat's rates are better, but they block every other site.
That could be a factor towards the award, as much as I hate to admit.

abdulla said...

Batelco the company has nothing to do with all the blocks. They just follow orders from the Ministry of Information. So you shouldn't give Batelco credit for that lol.

Redbelt said...

True that Abdulla, but it still means that internet censorship in Bahrain is lower than that of neighboring countries. No matter who gives out orders.